Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Alan Morris

I am a watercolor artist and a sculptor I live and work most of the time in Western Colorado. I have enjoyed painting and sometimes sculpture since childhood. My main interest is primarily the people that we have come to know and love through our travels both here in America and abroad. I hope to communicate through my gift of art the realities of the helpless and the hopeless in the world. Revealed in the human face and figure is the story of who the person is. In order to be convincing, the artist needs to identify that story and record it. It is never enough to be accurate.

One of the more difficult tasks for me and for most painters is knowing when to quit painting. I believe the painting is done when the story is told. The key is to know the story that I mean to tell when I begin so that I know when it is told. There are likely many stories that might be told about any one subject however, too many stories in a single painting makes for terrible art.

My paintings might best be described as abstract/realism. I therefore employ just enough realism to be convincing and with that accomplished, my preference is to finish in abstract form and textures. I might possibly be described as a minimalist. I am not a colorist and so, contrasting values, line and texture are the predominant design features of my watercolors. While my watercolors are apparently very loosely done, design is a big part of my paintings.

I am a juried member of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and the Western Colorado Watercolor Society. I teach watercolor and sculpture to all skill levels. I do remote exhibitions of the art and I enjoy teaching watercolor workshops and teach regularly. Please visit the testimonials page to read the response of my students.

Alan will do Watercolor Workshops for all skill levels at your location.

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